Anthony Walker, aka "Baby Gap", joined the GAP Band in the early 1980’s, performing as a dancer, and contributing as a choreographer and song writer. For the next 23 years, he traveled the globe with the band and performed on Dick Clark's American Bandstand, Don Cornelius' Soul Train and Solid Gold. In 1985 Charlie Wilson, lead singer of the Gap Band, produced the album with Baby Gap and fellow GAP Band member Billy Young titled "Billy & Baby Gap", which was the first album released as a collaboration of members of the GAP Band. The single, "Rock the Nation" hit the charts at #3 with a bullet!
Anthony grew up in Chicago, Illinois. During the 70's he formed the break dancing group "Tidal Wave". They won multiple awards, beating out leading groups like "New York City Breakers" and others. Anthony also taught break dancing and moon walking in the early 80's at John Travolta's dance studio.
During his career, Anthony also collaborated with Rick James and George Clinton, programmed beats for Pebbles, and played percussion on the single "Snoop Upside Your Head with DJ Pooh". In addition, he worked for Disney as a choreographer.

Anthony Walker

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